Lightning Equipment

Lightning plays a crucial role in photography. It doesn’t just determine the brightness and darkness, but also the mood and tone of the atmosphere. At Gap Photography, we understand this very well and that’s why we only choose to use the best lighting equipment for each situation. Below is the list of lightning gears we use at our studio:

  • Godox AD600 Pro: A powerful and versatile portable studio flash with high output and professional features for photographers and videographers.

  • Two Godox AD300 Pro: Compact and powerful portable strobes designed for on-the-go photographers seeking flexibility and convenience in their lighting setups.

  • Godox AD100 Pro: A compact and lightweight pocket flash with impressive output, ideal for on-location shoots and creative lighting applications.

  • Godox Light Stick LC500R: A portable LED light stick with adjustable color temperature and wireless control, perfect for creating dynamic lighting effects in various photography and video scenarios.

  • Godox Parabolic Softbox 120CM: A large parabolic softbox designed to produce soft and even lighting, ideal for portrait and fashion photography, as well as interviews and video shoots.

  • Godox Lantern Softbox 85CM: A unique lantern-style softbox that offers omni-directional, diffused lighting with a quick and easy setup, suitable for various indoor and outdoor shooting situations.

  • Two Godox Softbox 30×120 CM: A pair of rectangular softboxes designed for a more directional yet soft light output, commonly used in portrait and product photography.

  • Two Godox Softbox 35×160 CM: Two long and narrow softboxes providing soft, even lighting, often used for illuminating full-body shots and creating highlights in fashion and commercial photography.